Children’s Reading List For March

Hey guys! I have been working on a lot of really fun things for you guys and I am super excited to bring them to you! For one, I am re-designing my website and cannot wait to launch it! I will be doing most of the work myself, which is awesome but intimidating as well because I haven’t dealt with editing code in a LONG time! I am telling you this because there may be a hiccup or two when it is finally launched and I don’t want all you lovelies to hate me. ❤

(Besides my fun surprise) Another fun thing going on is a small addition to my blog for Homeschooling// children’s corner were I will start sharing fun little things for all the little ones in our lives! Such as (but not limited to) reading lists, art projects and maybe some fun printable coloring pages! Don’t worry though, since I am currently working on an ADULT coloring book I plan on giving you some freebies as well! 😉

So, speaking of fun learning things for kids, during my homeschool monthly planning I have compiled a list of books to include in their learning adventures this month. I have decided on weekly themes and matched a handful of books for each week. Let me explain my themes…

Since my family is pagan, I have decided to start teaching them the 9 noble virtues, which are as follows:

  • Courage
  • Truth
  • Honor
  • Fidelity
  • Discipline
  • Hospitality
  • Industriousness
  • Self-Reliance
  • Perseverance

I believe that even though my children have a basic understanding of these things, they need to be taught more in-depth about them.

For young ones it is about stories they will remember, games, songs and other little activities. Just like with anything else. So, one of these virtues will be our theme each week. I will also throw in some other themes. For instance, the moon, self- esteem and nature. I, of course, teach other things such as letters and numbers but that is not why we are here today! 😉

Following are the list of books that I have decided on for each week in march, separated by theme! Note that all of these books are books that I chose for my children, who are 4 and 5 years old!

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** I have included a Printable List for you if you would just like to head to your local library!




The Moon

March Printable Reading List.jpg


Download the printable list and make a trip to the library!

March Printable Reading List

Thank you guys for stopping by and reading!  Enjoy the rest of your day and make sure you stay tuned for all the fun about to explode out from Passion Themed Life!

Loves! ❤




My March Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hello, hello! It is nice to finally be back! We are all settled into our new home, nobody is sick, we have internet and life is back to (somewhat) normal.

I am sad to admit that during this pretty stressful move I didn’t use my bullet journal once. I know, it is terrible and how did I ever manage without it! I honestly have no idea, maybe that is why everything was crazy? All I know is that I didn’t use it for about 2 weeks(!) and I am way more excited than I should be to start-up again.

I think that I mentioned it before but, my Moleskine journal that I picked up back in December filled up pretty fast because I let my daughter draw in the back. It is squared and makes it easier for her to get things more symmetrical, at least as symmetrical as a five-year old can get. 🙂  I ordered a couple of journals from Amazon, because if I am going to pay for prime I may as well use it right? But, I only received one so far which is the Lemon Leuchtturm1917 that I am using for my homeschooling bullet journal.

march monthly view in my bullet journal

Therefore, I was kind of forced into a pretty “back to basics” type of set up for March. Which was needed anyways, I got pretty caught up in all the layouts and challenges that Instagram has to offer and I think every now and then it is good to step back and simplify things around you.

I changed up my monthly view to better work for my life. What I was working with, up until recently, was Kara’s (Boho Berry) modified bullet journal monthly view that is split into 3 sections and has a place for morning, day, evening (or as I had it personal, family, work). I found that I didn’t really need to separate my family and personal tasks in the monthly view so there was really only need for 2 sections!

monthly view

I decided to just spit the page down the middle with the month’s days, like I did HERE in my homeschooling bullet journal, making it simple to look over my month. With a side for “Family” and a side for “Other Events”. I didn’t put “work” in because there is a large desk calendar that hangs by my workspace telling me exactly what I need to know at a glance and I plan by week all the other little details.

March Goals in bullet journal

For my monthly goals I took the same basic layout that I used in February with some simple doodles and stickers 🙂 I kept my goals VERY in reach this month, maybe to just feel some wins or maybe because I didn’t need much of anything else, either way my birthday month will be awesome!

awesome weekly layout in bullet journal

I discovered a layout that seems to work out so wonderfully in my HS bujo designed by @BluePaperTrail so of course I wanted to see how it worked out in my “regular life” bullet journal. Plus, there is that whole “not a lot of space left” thing so dailies are pretty much out of the question for march, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing really… *gasp*…. I am finding that my life has gotten super busy lately and it will only become more so once I get back into the grove of blogging again too, making it very difficult to set up my bullet journal every single day.

weekly layout

I really like the way that this weekly view gives me sections for cleaning, fitness, to-do’s, worship and art making it easy to plan but seeing things in different groups is also extremely helpful to me, and not something that I ever really got in a daily log.

We will see, I have always been a “daily” kind of girl but maybe this one layout idea will do my life wonders! Ah-hem, don’t quote me on this…

ptldoodles march

I also have PTLDoodles set up pretty simply as well. Which happens to be the ONLY challenge I am doing this month *whaaaaat* P.S. I am super sorry about the hard to read prompts for march, I didn’t have my computer handy at the time to make an epic photo! But I do promise for April I will!

That is about it guys, like I said, my set up is simple. I am loving my HS bullet journal set up for march and I feel good about having the same in my personal journal too, though I do kind of wish that my pretty Orange Leuchtturm1917 would get here already so I can set it up and use that dotted paper again!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Loves ❤


*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, thank you for your support! ❤

February Review (Catch my first Periscope later!)

Today is a big day! We are finally moving into our new house! Well, today is boxes tomorrow is all the big stuff because my husband doesn’t work, so he and his friends can do all the lifting while I sit comfortably in the new home unpacking things. Haha! Yeah.

It has been a pretty stressful month for our little family, I am pretty sure that everything that could happen did happen. I even stopped using my bullet journal (!) about half way through the month! I know, right!? Not permanently of course, but there has been a good 2 or 3 weeks of on and off sickness that just made me want to put everything to the side. I know I have seriously neglected blogging this month for sure! *shame shame*

Why did we keep getting sick?! We would spend a couple of days laid out and vegging on Netflix, get better, start our lives again and then bam! We were back on the couch… I completely blame the school (that we removed my daughter from) and stress.

Stress is never good for your immune system and we definitely learned that this month. Why were we stressed? Well, if you don’t mind a little story I will tell you.

We rent (ah! Gasp!!) and we happen to be fabulous renters by the way. Always take care of the property and we also completely clean and repair any minor damage, such as nails in the wall and other things. My dad is a painter and also owns a lot of rentals so I have understood since childhood that you need to take care of property, yours or not.

The house that we are currently living in is wonderful, cozy and I quite love it! But the lady that we rent from passed away and they are now selling the house. Meaning we have to move. This totally (obviously) sucked for us because we have nested into this place! But also because we soon realized that NO houses out there fit our needs!

House after house we looked at and not only discovered serious hazards, like floor boards that were rotted and breaking, but also found that the prices on homes has went up tremendously in our area.

Now, my husband supports our family, we (like so many others) are on a budget and that’s ok with me. I love my life! But my goodness, when did it become ok to charge 1300 a month for a studio house! People, if I can see the kitchen, toilet and my bedroom without turning my head I don’t want to pay out the ass for it each month!

Now, imagine how hard it has been to find a 2-3 bedroom house that is half that price, allows our little Rune ( our ferret ) has a fenced yard, a place to store our motorcycles and doesn’t look like a dump… Talk about stress!

We did accomplish the impossible though and I love our new home. We did it a tad late, as the current owner needs us out in march so they can put the house on the market, but WE DID IT! A huge weight has been lifted and I feel pretty stoked!

Ok, so aside from being sick most the month, starting to home school and find a house to move to what else is going on? Nothing, that is the sad truth.

As far as the goals I had set for myself this month, what goals?  I will literally have most of the same goals recycled in March because life kicked my ass this month and I have accomplished very little. At least very little of what I set out to do…

I have been working on YouTube (as promised) even though I currently have no knowledge of video editing and it feels totally weird to talk to a camera. I feel like Sam and Dean in “The French Mistake” I don’t know what to do with my hands!  Also, right now, I don’t want to film with boxes everywhere for my YouTube channel so stay tuned later today on PERISCOPE ( @passionthemed )! I will give a little sneak peek into my homeschooling bullet journal as well as a tour through our new home! Nothing too exciting but I feel it’s time to greet all you guys “face to face(text?)” lets say around 1pm (mountain time). Beware the boxes though!

Coloring book wise I will still be working on it through March because of everything that has been going on, that’s ok though. I don’t want any of my art to be rushed or done in stress so I will be started that back up after we are all un-packed and settled in, sometime this coming week.

Ok, I am going to stop jabbering on about how crappy February was. Just wanted to show you guys that life does happen while you are making plans and it is ok to stop what you are doing to take a deep breath!

If you missed it on instagram I have the #PTLDOODLES prompts ready for March! Here they are!

#ptldoodles bullet journal doodle challenge

I will see you later (on periscope!)

❤ Kacheri





Our Decision To Homeschool, A Bullying story

Hey everyone! You may know from my Instagram lately how busy things have been for our little family. Between being sick, attempting not to neglect my blog, trying to get ready for moving and everything else that life is throwing at us we decided that it was the best option for us to homeschool our kids.

We have awesome timing like that.

I debated with myself about if I should share this, not wanting to be a “ranting” or “downer” blog but I think it is worth it.

First my backstory…

When I was young my mom started homeschooling us (my brothers and I). It was crazy awesome from our point of view because we got to do our school work and then play or do whatever we wanted. And generally what we wanted was to adventure and learn more. We also took trips all over the U.S. during the “school year” and in summer and during these trips we learned history, geography, math, and so much more. But most importantly we were learning how to actually apply those things in real life by learning through experience.

It was a lot of fun and I honestly believe I retained more information because it wasn’t just about crunching in and memorizing for tests, it was about having fun. And we were defiantly social, we had homeschool group that met up once a month that went on outings like ice skating and hiking. I don’t have a single bad memory actually. Everybody always seemed happy and vibed that happiness out into the universe.

Never once did I (personally) meet someone that picked on my brothers and I or someone that was just plain rude and mean. Everybody had their friends but if we all wanted to play together we didn’t have a problem with that either.

Then I started going to a private school and then public school before I entered college. My first introductions into how cruel kids could be and that was about the same time I started really disliking school. Before this, learning had been something fun, something I wanted to do. After I entered the public school system for good, books and studying, even though I still liked it, just wasn’t the same and became more of an escape from the surroundings that I hated.

Fast forward….

The story of why we started homeschooling our children

Aerianna started Kindergarten just last year. She was ecstatic about it! Loved the idea of meeting new friends and learning new things, quite like myself in that way. When we went in to sign her up she was just shining. They had her take there entry tests and she was ahead of most of the kids there, already writing her name, knowing all the colors and shapes and most of the alphabet and numbers.

She just couldn’t wait to start school! We met her teacher, who was nice, and she met some of her future classmates at the meet and greet they held and she even attended a “pre-kindergarten” class a month before school actually started.

After a couple weeks of her going to school though we started noticing a huge difference in her attitude. She didn’t want to eat any of the foods she once liked, she didn’t want to read (or help me read) anymore. She was punching her brother and throwing massive fits.

I was very worried about her, but I pushed it off as being just regular “kid stuff” and she would get past it. She was making friends and always seemed happy after she was picked up from school so of course it didn’t click with me.

Then she started asking, even begging me to stay home from school. It didn’t seem right. So I started really paying attention to her. For an entire day I just watched her every move. Here is what I noticed:

  • She was extremely emotional. More so than the usual 5 year old should be.
  • She wasn’t eating… From breakfast to dinner she had VERY LITTLE food and aside from force feeding her I couldn’t do anything about it, I mean the food was there, she just wasn’t eating it. Always finding some excuse.
  • She was very rude. Saying spiteful things, and ignoring what anybody said.
  • She would not talk to me. At all.

I tried asking her what was bothering her so much but she wouldn’t say so I just continued trying to make things better her for here.

Then came her father daughter dance

My husband came to me with some interesting news after this event that made me re-think how she was doing at school with friends. Every time she went up to talk to one of her friends he said that they would just walk off. EVERY TIME. Leaving her to dance alone or with her dad. Which, don’t get me wrong, she loves dancing alone and with her daddy, but she was quite upset about her “friends”.

Then later that week my mom told me that my daughter was refusing food because the kids at her school were calling her fat. And that she didn’t want to read because the other kids could read better and faster than her, so she thought she was stupid.

There it was… The sad answer to her recent behavior. My daughter was being called FAT and STUPID in kindergarten! F.Y.I. My daughter is almost 6, weighs in at about 55-60 pounds, is tall and has the most adorable cheeks in the world, always has…In absolutely no way is she fat and she is definitely not stupid. I do not even know why Kindergarteners would think that way in the first place, it is mind boggling to me, kids are not supposed to worry about things like that.

Our world is so weight obsessed it is sickening, and we are passing that to our (very) young children.

I had been thinking about homeschooling for a while, just here and there thoughts about travel and family dynamics, but after this happened we made the decision immediately. I had been bullied in high school and that was bad enough, but to be picked on and called fat at such a young age never knowing when it would stop, I cannot even imagine what that would do to her. I don’t want to know.

I am so unimpressed with the current state of the world right now.

Thank the universe that we are blessed enough that I am able to stay home with our children and teach them! I just wish we would have done it sooner.

On to happier things, we have “officially” been at it for a week and even though Aerianna still has some attitude adjusting to do she is so much better. It seems unlikely that a week could make a difference but it has. She now (THANKFULLY) is starting to eat most of her food again, at least the food she was eating before all of this… still can’t get her to eat peas but I am ok with that now as long as she is eating everything else! We have been doing “damage control” with her for this, but not quite sure how to re-convince a 5 year old that she is not fat.

I am very excited about homeschooling my children and cannot wait to share the process and planning aspects of it all with you!



Even though this was a (very) long post and it seems very much like a journal entry, I just really wanted to share it because I have seen so many “stop bullying” campaigns and never paid much attention to them because I was out of the fire for bullying. Then my daughter had to go through this and I just don’t understand how children, young innocent children, go from having fun and making friends in an instant to being so cruel.

I would like to say one more thing about this, not specifically to anybody but just to say.

If we spent as much time with our children as we did on social media or T.V. our children would thrive so much more. If we took the time to talk to our kids about how to treat others rather than sharing a post on Facebook about it things might actually change.


Kindergarten (and school in general) should be a place of happiness and fun, where you make friends and enjoy all that life is offering your spongy brain, not a place where you develop eating disorders and a fear of how people see you.

That is all for today, thank you for reading.





My ‘Minimalist Mother’ Essencials

Ok, I have been meaning to get this post out for a while now! Like, months… But we won’t talk about that! 😉 I think I wanted to really judge what I actually use with Abigayle. After 5(!) months (enter sarcasm) I think I know.

As mothers we tend to get very excited when we are getting ready for our babies to come. Clothes, cribs, diapers, wipes, car seats, blankets, pictures, bags, binkies, kits, wraps, crafts, books and so much more! That’s just for the baby!

Right… Well, there are a lot of things that you don’t need and never use but end up buying or owning because of the “nesting” excitement. Especially first time moms! When I had my first child I filled up my tiny one bedroom apartment with so many unnecessary things and spent so much money that I could have saved!My new baby essentials

I have now, after 3 kids, learned what is really needed (or actually comes in handy) and what the world just tells you that “you need”. Yes, there are always going to be things that you want to have for babies, but this post isn’t about “great extras to have around for baby” it’s about simplifying life and keeping a minimalist’s surroundings while raising up your little one.

Aside from the onesies, diapers and other obvious necessities I will point you towards my favorite baby must haves. 😉 For the record, my favorite disposable diapers are from Honest Co. which you can buy at target. They are organic and come in cool designs, like skull and crossbones! They also carry some pretty cool lotions, detergents and soaps for baby.

Baby Hospital Bag

  • Newborn size baby clothes to go home in
  • Sweats and a shirt (and some granny knickers) to go home in
  • Camera
  • 1 Blanket for the car seat ( I made all the blankets for my kids, which saves a lot of money and keeps your hands busy while you are pregnant)
  • Phone charger
  • Socks with non slip bottoms
  • Your journal ( because when your baby is sleeping, your hubby is sleeping and you are too excited to sleep slash sick of day time T.V. you will definitely want to write your thoughts down!)
  • Head phones and calming music
  • Snack food for daddy 😉

Ok, I personally wanted to have a home birth but ended up going to the hospital with my nurse-midwife. I quickly packed and didn’t regret not bringing anything else… plus it was easier to go home. The hospital was nice because they fed me and gave me an unlimited supply of water and cranberry juice! Plus, a comfy bed that moved without me moving and lots of pillows! I know there are people out there with 3 page lists for printing off what you “need” but seriously, I didn’t see the point of it all.

On The Road Again…

You will, obviously need a car seat! Duh! I personally have this Evenflo  car seat because of the style and reviews I read, but that’s me!  I think we got it at Walmart.

I don’t think we really needed (or need) anything else in the car for babies. Though I do put snacks and such in there for my older kids.

Finally Home

The first days and weeks at home are always a little hectic. I liked sleeping in the couch for the first couple nights with the baby so we didn’t disturb anyone in the house. I always kept ( and still keep) a big drinking cup and straw around and full of water. What were the only things that I used in those first few weeks?

  • Baby sleepers. I actually don’t understand why people put babies in anything but sleepers. It’s like this, a baby is cute no matter what you put him/her in whywould you want to put them in super uncomfortable clothes? Especially in the beginning. My daughter is now about 5 months old and I am only now starting to put her in “real” clothes. Plus, it makes things easier on you changing them and they double as socks… you know, those things that babies always kick off!


  • Onesies. I think I only bought like 4 or 5 and still have a small amount.. no need to complicate your laundry more than it already is!


  • A Boppy Nursing Pillow . This thing is a life saver! Even if you are bottle feeding your little one! I have used one for all 3 of my kids and I honestly think it is one of the things I would die without!


  • The Soothie Pacifier Which, if you are using a binkie, is the only one I recommend. These are the binkies from the hospital and I have never used any other. Plus, I have never had a problem breaking my babies of it.


  • A Simple Bathtub. (<<<This one is amazing!) You may be tempted with some fancy shmansy bathtub with all the fun gadgets but honestly, don’t spend THAT much money on something that you put your baby in to wash. You put it in the bath or shower, wash your baby, then take it out…The ones with all the gadgets tend to be way bulky and really annoying and in the long run, diiiirty (ehw). You don’t need it and your baby wont know the difference.


  • Your baby blankets…Obviously

What all do you need for a new baby

That is IT! Yup for  the first few months this is all I used. Abigayle slept in my arms or on a pillow next to me. Why? Because a baby is new to this world and knows only one thing, the love of their mother.

This is an adjustment for them just as much as it is for us and why should we take away the comforts of being with mom? So they don’t get spoiled? I have yet to see a spoiled infant, toddler yes, infant no. As long as you make those small adjustments toward more independent sleeping arrangements as time goes there will be none of the  “horror stories” you hear about where the kids will not sleep in their own beds.

An infant needs their mother more than they need to learn a lesson about how you can’t get everything you want. Save that lesson for the toddlers because babies won’t remember it anyway.

*Sorry for ranting

As They Grow…

Even though we may want them to stay all cute and tiny forever, they have to grow. And that is beautiful. It doesn’t mean however that your stuff needs to grow to a later completely uncontrollable mess!

Here are a couple more of MY favorite “must have” tools for babies that I have used as mine have grown. Keep in mind that I live, and enjoy living, in a small home. I also prefer to make my baby foods over buying them so you may find that you don’t need or want any of these things.

  • A Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. I used this as my sons crib for the first year and now use it for Abigayle for naps during the day. It is simple, keeps your baby in an upright position (which I prefer) and folds up for easy put away.


  • A Bumbo Why get a full sized highchair? They are bulky, annoying and hard to clean. Now that Abby can sit up with help she enjoys watching me cook 🙂


  • A few baby toys.. you don’t need them way early on because your baby will not touch them. But when they get in their 3-4 month(or so) stage they will start grabbing things and seeing them more to actually play with.


  • Some Spoons with a “too hot” gauge.


  • A food processor … I use the Ninja and this is for making your own baby food. Why ? because you can buy a whole sweet potato for about .88, roast it, blend it with a bit of water and make a TON of baby sized servings. You know where your baby food is made, how it’s made and when it was made along with who made it and it is WAY WAY WAY less expensive for your growing family….


  • A dehydrator, I know this is quite bulky and you can use your oven to dehydrate too but I love my dehydrator and have used it to make a whole bunch of snacks for my kids. Including all the ones that Gerber manufactures, for a lot cheaper and a lot more snacks. So worth every penny to me!


  • A Baby Wrap. Because you only have two hands, unless you are holding a baby, then you only have one.


There are some things that you can get the “baby version” of if you like but they are not completely necessary. Here are some examples.

  • Nail clippers
  • Towels
  • A comb

See, it is pretty darn simple! And if you play your cards right you can get a lot of this stuff from your baby shower 😉

Having a baby doesn’t have to mean the end of your savings account or walking space in your home. I have the things that I feel that I need, with nothing that goes unused for my kids and the only reason you can tell I have kids in my home is because of the pictures on the wall and them screaming through the house… At least when it is clean… *shame shame*

Well guys, that was a super long post but I hope it helps all you wonderful new mammas out there!





The links provided in this post are affiliate links, this means that I will receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided. I do not link to anything I haven’t used or wouldn’t use myself. Thank you for all your support!







My All-Time Favorite Blogs To Follow

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! I am sorry for the lack of posting this week, our family came down with a sickness that just kept giving and I have been laid out the whole week. I have even neglected social media and talking to my friends! It has been rough, but we are starting to feel a bit better.

As promised (yesterday) I have something for you guys today! Now, because tomorrow is a holiday (even if some of you hate it!) I will not be found anywhere online. During holidays my family likes to unplug and be with each other. That means that I am bringing you “Sunday Favorites” a day early! YEY!

I am going to share with you my ALL-TIME FAVORITE BLOGS to follow! In no special order or genre. I have been following a lot of these blogs since before I even knew what blogging really was! I know, right?! Where was I? Anyways…. Here we go!

Feel free to go and drool over what these ladies have to share with you! Be it food or not!all time favorite blogs to follow

  • The Minimalist Baker ❤ Dana’s blog makes me so happy! Everybody is always saying “it’s so hard to be vegan” or “I don’t have the time” or my favorite “I need comfort foods, like Mac & Cheese… I can’t live without cheese!”. I too loved cheese.. On everything! So as a “vegan convert” who loved cheese and bacon more than life I can tell you, honestly, YES YOU CAN….  And this chick makes life so wonderful and easy! In fact! Here is a recipe for some Easy Garlic Herb Vegan Cheese …. Trust me… it’s amazing AND simple!



  • Hot For Food  ❤ If I could pick one (or two) “vegan personalities” that best match my own it would be these guys! Lauren and John! I found their YouTube channel and have been the happiest vegan ever! As said above, I love comfort foods and cheese… Well, these guys make all my favorite cheesy classics! Like Lasagna, Stuffed Crust Pizza and Chili Cheese Nachos! And even though they are “guilt free” because of healthy, cruelty-free ingredients, they definitely don’t taste like it!


  • Miss Minimalist Otherwise known as Francine Jay, a minimalist and blogger that I follow because of the constant inspiration and reminders that I get from reading her posts. Like The Joy Of One post series. Some thing to think about! She also wrote a book, The Joy of Less, that I bought on Amazon! I will talk more about this later!


  • How To GYST, Laura is amazing and I quite enjoy our twitter conversations. She is a “tell it like it is” regular SAHM from Dublin that runs an awesome blog on getting your shit together. She has some great advice for moms (or anybody else) on living happy and enjoying life, like this post on loving yourself! I love watching her YouTube channel and loving that Irish Accent! She is also a fellow bullet journalist! So, definitely check out her blog ❤


  • Boho Berry, Kara! Many of you know that I wrote a guest post for Kara back in December about lessons in minimalism. You may also know her from the bullet journal community on Instagram, or from her YouTube channel! But I love her blog the most because of her inspiring posts on bettering your life… If you haven’t already, go check her out!


  • Tiny Ray of Sunshine Kim is amazing and so nice! She is the whole reason I started bullet journaling in the first place! Her blog is all about bullet journaling, goals and fun! I love all of the ideas and inspiration that she tosses out at her followers like confetti! If you bullet journal you should most definitely follow Kim. If you don’t bullet journal, then you should start! 😉
Well, there you have it guys! There are the wonderful ladies (and I think one dude) that I follow the most! At least as of right now 🙂 I hope you all enjoy your weekend and Valentines day!

How I Bullet Journal as A Stay At Home Mom

Hey everyone! I wanted to thank you all for all of the love and feedback I have received over the weekend! I have received E-mails and comments on about every social network! You guys are amazing and definitely boosted my spirits! Thank you!

I have taken all of your suggestions and advice into consideration and feel so much better about expanding PTL!

I did get a few requests for bullet journaling as a stay at home mom though so I am going to start there today!

Am I even busy enough to plan?

A lot of the time, as a stay at home mom, it can feel pretty repetitive and basically pointless to plan. I mean writing “wash dishes” every day can seem pretty blah, right? Well, despite what you may think about staying at home with your kids there is a lot more than dishes to be done. At least at my house! And you should definitely be planning it all out because with children running around acting like rabid animals you are bound to forget them!

How i bullet journal as a SAHM

Trust me there are times that my to-do list says ” eat chocolate in the closet” or “lock myself in the room and play music loudly” but hey, I am not the only one, right?….It happens to the best of us! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a “life” or plans to keep.

Personally, because of blogging and art if I do not schedule my days properly I will not get anything… ANYTHING, done.

Oh….So you do chores?

Bullet journaling as a stay at home mom

Yes, most of what we do as stay at home moms, and even working mothers, is chores! Chores, chores, chores and you guessed it, more chores! Not to mention the cooking, playing, diaper changing, boo-boo kissing, meal planning and trying to make a few minuets for re-charging! Oh yeah, and more cleaning…

I have done so much cleaning in my time as a mother that, if I am being honest, turning to minimalism seemed to be the only answer! So much that I have even spent a few days in the “screw it” phase. Singing in my head “The screaming never bothered me anyways” (from the mom parody of frozen). But those moments last only so long before my OCD kicks in and I break down in a frenzy of wiping and sweeping until everything sparkles again!

So, yes. Chores are a big focus in life and you should plan them, especially if you are staying at home with the adorable little hellions we gave life to. But don’t let it consume your life! Remember, we have the opportunity to teach our children without the influence of everyone else!

Being a stay at home mom means first, you are a mother and being a mom there is a lot more to plan than just chores! You are a super hero to your children and last time I checked super heroes did more than clean…kind of… maybe that was a bad example! You get the point though! Plan time with them, time to play and time to teach.

What else is there???

goal setting. how to use a bullet journal as a stay at home mom

Being a parent can make you forget yourself sometimes. You forget the things that you once loved to do because you are too caught up in craziness. But, trust me, it is not the end of you. In fact, this is only one small (huge) stage in your life. Those little ones that once screamed at you in the middle of the night, keeping you awake at un-godly hours will be all grown up (tear 😥 ) all too soon!

That doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up all your hopes and dreams until they move out though! Seriously, while you should take time for them and teach them, you should also take time for yourself. Even if you “don’t have the time”. Remember, How will your kids learn to love themselves if you don’t show them how?

Take time to re-kindle things that you once did, or learn something new! You do have time! Because you planned it!

How I use a bullet journal as a SAHM…

monthly, how i use my bullet journal as a stay at home mom

There is a lot of jabbering going on up there! But that is ok, it is all part of it! Here are some of the things that I absolutely rely on my bullet journal for every day.

  • Time management, so I do not lose my mind! You can see my post about it here.
  • Setting goals (personal and career related) because everyone needs goals, but without a plan you will lose track and forget them!
  • Reflection. You cannot move forward in the same mindset and expect a different outcome. It is (literally) the definition of insanity.
  • Forming (and tracking) habits. Checking something off everyday is so motivating! Especially when you are trying to build good habits or get rid of bad ones!Meal planning in a bullet journal. How to use a bullet journal as a stay at home mom
  • Meal Planning, I don’t necessarily follow meal plans exactly but I do make them so I know that I have enough food to get through the week and have an idea of what we will be eating!
  • Making sure everything gets done! Which, I am sure, is what everyone uses it for, right?
  • Brain storming and keeping ideas! As a blogger I really need this, but I am also an artist and crafter and have A LOT of ideas for A LOT of different things!
  • Cleaning, because yes, this is about half of my life!
  • Practicing my handwriting. This has been fun! When I started bullet journaling my handwriting wasn’t great. But I feel like just the action of writing everything out and creating my own layouts has helped it tremendously!daily doodles in a bullet journal
  • Doodling! This may be silly, but as an artist I had terrible doodles! I just couldn’t get the “cute” effect that I seen everywhere! So I started using my bullet journal to help me improve that! You can check out my instagram challenge here.
  • Journaling…It is after all a bullet journal. I mark down three things that I am grateful for everyday (as inspired by Kim from Tiny Ray Of Sunshine here in this post) I also write down books I read, movies I watch, my moods and other little bits.
  • Fitness! Yes, I also use my bullet journal to plan my health and fitness! how to use a bullet journal as a stay at home mom

See, there may not seem like a lot to plan or do in a planner as a stay at home mom but there is way more to write down and plan than “wash dishes”! Yeah we may not have all the details to plan in our day like those moms with jobs outside of the home, but we do have lives and it is important to plan our days!

I hope this helps all you mammas out there that needed that extra “umph” in their bullet journals!

What other things do you guys plan and play with every month/week/day while being a SAHM? Let me know! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

❤ Kacheri